Time-travelling Ayckbourn play delivers



Cheriton Players

Cheriton Village Hall, Cheriton

Friday, April 20, 2018

After a tentative start, the cast were soon going at full-throttle, making sense of Ayckbourn’s mind-boggling, time-bending plot, where three women, from different eras, come together to thwart evil and defy the predictions of time.

In the feminist script Ayckbourn emphasises the strength, wit and compassion of the female cast – the original “girl-power”. Fiona Mackay (Poopay) plays the role, full of the teenage vulnerabilities that have led to her dubious career as a dominatrix, in contrast to sensible, stoical Helena Gomm (Ruella), the backbone of the trio. Last and certainly not least, as their performances were a total delight, were Isobel Wolf and Rebecca Leadley (Jessica). The chaps – David Cradduck and Charlie Hellard (Reece) and Tim Conway (Julian) are commensurate baddies and Sam Griffiths (Harold) is solid as the hapless concierge.

The set was cleverly constructed (with revolving doors, the very latest in time-travel) so that all the action was visible on the small stage and subtle lighting changes defined the eras.

The energetic entertainment meant that 40 years passed in a shot!

Rebecca Case